PhyCon Customer Experience: Improving Speed & Accuracy for Emergency Billing and Response Rates

Business Situation 
Large hospital-based physician group in South 
125k patient visits/year 

- Poor billing collection rate 
- Deficient billing operations with lost charts 
- Delayed billing resolutions 

PhyCon Customer Experience: Focus on Emergency Billing

Business Situation: 

Mid-sized hospital-based physician group in Southern CA 60k patient visits/year 


- Due diligence on billing solution 

- Needed solution specific to emergency medicine 

Phycon Results:

- Increased revenue 20 percent in the first 6 months 

- Two year revenue increased over 25 percent. 

- No revenue loss in billing transition 

- Over $1 million more in first year collections 

- Customized Reports 

- Improved customer service

Major Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

For any healthcare provider, there are usually two goals: Provide quality care to all patients based on their needs and run the most efficient practice possible without compromising patient care.  One of the largest potential obstacles that can happen with any practice is billing issues.  These could range from chasing down reimbursements to organizing and documenting a variety of different billing codes and functions. 

A Resuscitation Course in Critical Care Documentation

As we travel throughout this country providing documentation lectures to our physicians and clients, the most frequently asked questions are those concerning Critical Care documentation. Immediately when the physicians hear those words they crumble into a dearth of confounding confusion, and justifiable rage.
‘We’ve heard this lecture before and we still don’t get it!’ They know it is important because its lots of money lost. They have to listen to this menagerie of ifs, ands, & buts courtesy of the CMS abundant rules, exceptions and diverging scenarios committee.

PhyCon Customer Experience: Predictability in Revenue

Business Situation 
Midwest Urgent Care Facility 
60k patient visits/year 

- Fluxing monthly revenue 
- No accurate cash flow projections 
- Inconsistent customer service 

Phycon Results 
- Improved practice billing collections by 16 percent 
- More predictable revenue 
- Customized reports 

 Information Challenge 

The Future of Computer Quantification of Critical Care

Grading Physician Performance has long been a disorganized and incomplete science at best, more often fraught with inconsistency and biased opinions of the reviewer than actual ongoing hard data comparisons to support the reviewers’ conclusions. Many of these reviews are performed because the hospital or physicians groups are “required” to have them performed for “compliance,” “licensing,” or “unexpected” outcomes, therefore limiting the scope and purpose of a comprehensive performance review.


When is it Critical Care?

Critical care includes such a broad range of presentations in emergency medicine and sometimes these variable presentations are difficult to ascertain when comprehensive level 5 99285 care becomes critical care 99291.