PhyCon Customer Experience: Improving Speed & Accuracy for Emergency Billing and Response Rates

Monday, December 16, 2019

Business Situation 
Large hospital-based physician group in South 
125k patient visits/year 

- Poor billing collection rate 
- Deficient billing operations with lost charts 
- Delayed billing resolutions 

Phycon Results 
- Increased monthly billing collections by almost 70 percent in just one year 
- Improved accuracy 
- Improved efficiency allowing visits to grow by 15,000 patients per year without operational disruption 
- Increased speed of billing issues resolution 

Insufficient Billing and Response Rates 

A large hospital-based physician group in the South wanted to improve their billing services to overcome issues with lost charts, long-response times for collection issues, and a lack of physician follow-ups. 

“We weren’t getting the results we needed from our last billing solution. Customer service was lacking the attention get to answers in a timely manner and we needed quicker follow up with our physicians. We started asking around, and PhyCon came to the top of the list in every way,” said the VP of Hospital Operations.

PhyCon is a billing and consulting company specializing in emergency medicine billing. Their goal is to maximize revenue opportunities and provide superior customer service with both customized reports and speedy response rates. They start by evaluating current patient charts and billing for accuracy, collection rates and uncover hidden revenue potential. From there they build a propriety solution to meet each client’s needs. 

PhyCon Solution 

PhyCon transitioned the hospital’s ER to a new billing system customized to their hospital and regional setting. Because every facility, hospital, and payer mix is different, PhyCon specializes in creating software and generating reports that apply to each client’s needs. PhyCon helps clients find and heighten their best practice initiatives to ensure maximum revenue. 

“Our PhyCon customer reps built billing templates to help us capture all of the actual services provided – accentuating the key points our regional payers are looking for to result in higher coverage of services. The templates ensure we cover all of the elements of critical care billing.” 

PhyCon knows the importance of working with clients, hospitals and payers to make sure every dollar owed is collected. Part of PhyCon’s comprehensive practice management is providing feedback to physicians regarding their performance factors and the contributions they are making to their practice group. This is just one way PhyCon delivers physician education to improve their overall practice.

PhyCon also provides on-site visits for physicians on coding, helping to improve the charts and forms process, making billing more efficient on the front-end and providing an effective method to answer physician inquiries about their contributions and compensation related markers.

“Physicians have a lot of questions about their finances related to production, and any time we have to verify or examine our values used to arrive at the compensation levels, PhyCon is able to answer questions to the physician’s satisfaction. When we need to run a new report or answer a question, it gets done immediately. PhyCon has an excellent track record of physician engagement –keeping our physicians in the loop on how they are performing compared to their peers.”

Founded by an emergency physician, PhyCon has over 30 years of emergency billing expertise and a network of clients benefiting from industry knowledge in emergency medicine billing.

“PhyCon has a great network of clients, and they gather better strategiesfor successful revenue outcomes to bring to the table. They keep everyone informed of best practice initiatives in the industry. And they are on top of new compliance issues as well, helping us with coding for any new CMS regulations that come our way.” PhyCon is committed to compliance, making it a priority for all of its clients. As the billing and practice management industries come under more scrutiny, PhyCon ensures coding and billing compliance with all new CMS regulations. This helps PhyCon protect its clients from negative collections resulting from non-compliance and lets clients do what they do best – provide the highest quality emergency healthcare.

PhyCon Results 

PhyCon improved the hospital ER’s monthly billing collections by almost 70 percent in a single year. “Like any company in this economy, we’re counting every penny. PhyCon does a better job in the initial collections to keep AR at industry standard or below. They work harder at making sure we collect as much as possible of what we are owed.” 

In addition, the emergency group was able to take on more patients, growing visits by 15,000 patients per year. 

“We feel confident to take on new patients with PhyCon handling our billing. Our hospital is expanding to a new facility and because of the excellent results we’ve had, we are using PhyCon’s billing system and services for the new facilities emergency department. We know we can trust PhyCon to keep billing consistent, accurate, and deliver the results we need in revenue.”