Coding and Compliance

Receiving payment for services rendered can be challenging. Dealing with insurance payments, self-payments, non-payments, etc. be a very complicated job.  An inefficient billing and coding system can result in a number of problems including patient denials, lost revenue and compliance issues. Mitigating these risks involves investment in solutions that fix these problems. Hiring professionals to handle your medical billing and coding saves you time and money.

We’ll keep you up to date with ever-changing rules and billing requirements. PhyCon coding services are accurate, efficient and affordable. We employ quality certified medical coders and consistently train them to ensure they are up to date on rules and requirements. We conduct random audits and quality assurance assessments to maintain a minimum 98% accuracy rating. 

Our organization was established and is operated by medical professionals and tech experts. We developed our services to address the specific problems associated with the medical industry. Rest assured that when you choose PhyCon, you receive the best solutions for your practice.

Physician Documentation and Training Feedback

PhyCon prides itself on continuous communication with our clients. Part of this constant communication is in the form of Provider Documentation and Training. We will meet with every member of your group prior to contract implementation to discuss the every changing rules and requirements relating to documentation. PhyCon also meets with every provider in every group at least annually to re-train group members and meet with those providers that are new to the group. Finally, for those providers who require it, PhyCon will conduct monthly training sessions to ensure that every member of your group is documenting appropriately.

Medical Billing and Coding Service

Medical billing and codingcan be difficult for small to medium-sized practices. PhyCon has developed innovative systems to make it easier for you. Our servicecombines the medical and administrative tasks and makes the entire process easier.  Outsourcing your billing and coding to a dedicated team like PhyCon gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business — your patients. 

• Improve Patient Focus

As a health care provider, your priority is your patients. Choosing to outsource administrative tasks to professionals allows you to concentrate on your patients and their needs. 

• Reduce Risk of Errors

Billing errors cost your practice time and money. They can negatively affect your practice’s credibility & reputation. Assigning these administrative tasks to professionals prevents these mistakes and protects your reputation.

• Increase Cash Flow

Billing and coding specialists improve your administrative processes. From collections to claims processing, they streamline the entire process and make it easier on the practice.   

“PhyCon has a great network of clients, and they use their knowledge to gather better strategies for successful revenue outcomes to bring to the table. They keep everyone informed of best practice initiatives in the industry. And they are on top of new compliance issues as well, helping us with coding for any new CMS regulations that comes our way.” 

Customer, southern hospital, VP of hospital operations

PhyCon Practice Management Services Include:

Corporate Compliance Programs
Customized reports to monitor for missed opportunities
Practice coding compliance
ICD-9 and ICD-10 Coding
Chart Capture and Log Verification
Electronic Remittance Posting
Integration with Hospital Systems for Advance View
and Retrieval of Demographic Files and Analytic Reporting
Processing Payments
Adjustments Tracking by Type
Denials Tracking
Claims Appeals
Documentation Evaluation, Feedback and Education
Innovative Revenue Cycle Management Strategies
Feasibility Studies
Managed Care Plan Analysis
Monthly and Annual Practice Management Reports
Medical Records Storage
Explanation of Benefits Storage