We understand the need to create a balance between administrative work and quality health care. PhyCon consulting services focus on improving profitability while strengthening your practice. We developed our services to address common issues that most medical practices face. We provide a wide range of services including educational seminars on a variety of different topics. 

We customize our consulting services to the needs of urgent care and emergency deparment management. PhyCon assesses your situation to identify areas for improvement.  We identify & provide you with the appropriate steps to take to improve. We collaborate with you to develop and implement strategies that will improve your medical practice.

Our goal is to help businesses improve efficiency and maximize profitability. Our consultants are fully trained in medical practice management. As experts on the subject, they have valuable insight into how you can improve your practice. They also provide administrative support services that help your office staff make improvements.

When you partner with us, you receive:
• Cost analysis
• Financial analysis
• Personnel evaluation
• Workflow assessment
• Billing and coding assessment

We take a personal interest in your practice. Rest assured that when you partner with us, you will receive the best solutions and recommendations.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Consultant

Partnering with an independent consultant for your medical practice gives you a competitive edge. It shows that you want to learn and improve upon what you are doing.  When you choose PhyCon’s consulting services, you are creating opportunities for growth and success.

1. Practice managers & owners often can’t or don’t see problems or areas of improvement because they tend to be too close to the daily operation of the practice.  We can provide an outside perspective that can be very helpful.  We offer new ideas and solutions that may not be visible to the staff.

2. Employees may have a difficult time accomplishing short-term goals or tasks simply because they see them as obstacles. It can be very helpful for an independent consultant to help them recognize this and take the steps to change and improve.   

3. A significant part of our job is to keep up with the latest trends and strategies. We use our knowledge & expertise to mold these into real solutions that can be implemented into your medical practice.

4. We spend a lot of time with a variety of different practices.  This allows us to see what may or may not work for a particular practice.  We can use our experience to help guide you on best practices & improvements that will work. 

5. As a health care provider, it can be difficult to find the time to develop and execute improvement strategies. PhyCon can be a welcomed partner that helps you improve and run the administrative side of your practice, which allows you to focus on your patients.