Medical Practice Finances

PhyCon understands the complexity of your practice, and can provide comprehensive billing and accounts receivable management services to improve your revenue. 

Collection Revenue
Electronic Remittance

Risk Management

The medical community will always face risk in its many forms, from compliance and confidentiality issues, to heightened security and privacy concerns. PhyCon keeps you up-to-date with ever-changing rules and requirements.

Data Analysis
Document Management

Performance Management

PhyCon continues to innovate in the field of medical practitioner performance management. Learn about our newest solutions for hospitals, physician groups and practice management.

Medical Care Analysis
Risk Management & Evaluation
Process Refinement

Professional Coding

PhyCon can improve your efficiency and bottom line with our professional coding knowledge. Let our process help your revenue and profit margin.

Payer Regulation
Code Auditing
Claims Processing

Facility Coding

Let our specialty-trained ER coding staff code your facility bills at the proper billing levels. 

Procedures & Levels of Service
Inpatient & Outpatient
Quick Turnaround

Innovative Medical Billing Systems for the Health Care Industry

medical billing at its best

In the face of health care reform, now more than ever, physicians and facilities are in need of a practice management company that provides solutions made possible by medical billing software. Innovative tools like this integrate leading edge technology with experience in the emergency medicine practice management field.

Medical billing requires significant labor and great attention to detail. An inefficient billing system can lead to increased human error and miscalculations that can result in revenue loss and other problems. A well-designed system reduces errors and can prevent problems before they happen. 

Investing in the right medical billing software helps your billing department run smoothly and makes the process a breeze.  Make creating, coding, and filing claims with precision and accuracy a part of your business. 

PhyCon specializes in emergency medical billing, coding, consulting and practice management services. PhyCon has provided exceptional customer care for our physician clients for over 25 years. We will assist you as you begin working with us and make the transition a smooth one. Our customer service department is there if you need to reach out to us for any reason or with any questions. PhyCon is a partner you can count on to make life easier. 

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COVID-19 Medical Record Language

A Message from Paul Orcutt, M.D., FACEP, PhyCon Chief Executive Officer

There are too many uncertainties to get the true information, rumors and consequences of the Covid-19 virus epidemic at this point, along with the passage of an 800-page bill by Congress. At this time, I would like to make one point that may save you and your hospital’s balance sheet.



ACEP20 in Dallas, Texas

Are you headed to ACEP29? See you in Dallas this October!

Visit our booth at ACEP20 in Dallas, TX, October 26-29, 2020. Let us show you what's new, as we demonstrate the advances and developments in the most comprehensive billing software available for medical professionals, hospitals and emergency medicine providers.