Emergency medical service providers and physician group leaders talk about their experience with PhyCon

The words of our clients are the real measure of our work. See what real clients say about working with PhyCon as their hospital's emergency department billing specialist. 


 “PhyCon stays on top of the billing and works the accounts. If something isn’t paid, they figure out why. They contact potential payers – either patient or payer – to work on resolving the issue. As part of the value-add to their service, they put more effort into employee time to collect all that’s possible, to get that last 10-15%.” 

-- Emergency Physician Group Medical Director 

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 “We’ve been pleased from day one – there were no surprises based on Phycon’s projections. One of the biggest assets with PhyCon has been their ability to make accurate projections and the consistency in service. Their availability to our needs and the fact that they do a great job in working all the accounts has helped us maintain a consistent and healthy cash flow.” 

-- Urgent Care Facility Medical Director

See more detail about their story and customer experience here.

 “We feel confident to take on new patients with PhyCon handling our billing. Our hospital is expanding to a new facility and because of the excellent results we’ve had, we are using PhyCon’sbilling system and services for the new facilities emergency department. We know we can trust PhyCon to keep billing consistent, accurate, and deliver the results we need in revenue.” 

-- VP of Hospital Operations

 “This is a company set up and run by emergency doctors – that makes it a perfect experience for us. We know ER docs are good at running businesses and getting things done. PhyCon understands we live on the edge, off the pennies we’re able to gather at the end of the bill.” 

-- Emergency Physician Group President

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