PhyCon Customer Experience: Predictability in Revenue

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Business Situation 
Midwest Urgent Care Facility 
60k patient visits/year 

- Fluxing monthly revenue 
- No accurate cash flow projections 
- Inconsistent customer service 

Phycon Results 
- Improved practice billing collections by 16 percent 
- More predictable revenue 
- Customized reports 

 Information Challenge 

A major operational challenge in running an urgent care facility is projected revenue stream and keeping monthly billing consistent. A Midwestern urgent care facility sought a billing system that could generate custom reports and offer more insight into practice revenue. 

The medical director of the emergency physician group explains: “We weren’t pleased with our monthly revenue which fluxed dramatically – our accounts weren’t being worked consistently, and we had a large degree of variance each quarter. From a cash flow stand-point, we couldn’t get an accurate projected revenue stream. “ 


 PhyCon Solution 

PhyCon introduced a new billing system and created specialized reports that consolidated a lot of the information previously strung together. The customized reports include tracking payer mix, patient volumes, demographics, and collections – all the information needed in one place. 

“Phycon has been outstanding in the way they have been able to work with us, and the information they are able to provide. They set up varying reports in the first year without any difficulty. If I want to study something in our practice, from payer mix to specialties, they’re able to pull info together very quickly and with a deep understanding of those areas of our practice.” 

PhyCon also provides practice management consulting to make the business of running an emergency physician group more predictable. “With our previous company, we’d ask for information they couldn’t provide. When we would meet with them, service would improve and we’d 

do fine a couple of months, but collections would then drift back down. Quarterly meetings are sufficient to maintain the level of service and to stay consistent with our collections. Any issues that come up, they are very responsive.” 

Switching to PhyCon’s billing solution was also a smooth process. “Phycon was able to get right on collections, so we didn’t see any temporary drop in cash flow.” 

PhyCon’s Advance Team was instrumental in contract negotiations at the time of the transition. Prior to the implementation, PhyCon sends out an advance team of personnel to contact each customer’s major payers to create a unique and efficient billing process. For this particular group, they were involved in the actual process of contacting the payers, negotiating fees and confirming contracts. “The efficiency in negotiations has improved. PhyCon does a lot of the leg work for us, and it has certainly helped eased the work load.” 


Over the last two years, PhyCon was able to improve practice billing collections by 16 percent. In one year alone, PhyCon increased per-patient collections by 18 percent. In addition, revenue became more predictable and less of an operational issue. 

“We’ve been pleased from day one – there were no surprises based on Phycon’s projections. One of the biggest assets with PhyCon has been their ability to make accurate projections and the consistency in service. Their availability to our needs and the fact that they do a great job in working all the accounts has helped us maintain a consistent and healthy cash flow.”