Medical Practice Management

The day-to-day demands of a medical practice are never-ending. The administrative side of the practice can sometimes take valuable time away from patients, don’t let this happen with your practice. 

Physicians often enlist the help of an office manager for administrative support. However, even an experienced manager may be subject to human error, especially without a proper system in place. PhyCon & similar companies have alleviated this issue with the use of software & technology. 

Our medical practice management solution helps you and your staff improve efficiency on the administrative side of the practice. Partner with us and redirect your focus on your patients.   

Finance, Performance, and Risk

Each client firm has their own set of Finance, Performance, and Risk pages. The categorization of reporting into pages, allows group leadership, flexibility and flow of information.

The Performance page offers a myriad of group or individual provider non-fiscal analytics. Specifically, current month E&M volumes, RVUs, and group averages. As well as, month to month group/individual performance trending. Each page houses a template of reports with room for custom reports.

Emergency department billing steps to revenue cycle management from all points in the patient process for your medical practice

Practice Management Reports Include

PhyCon provides a selection of monthly management and accounting reports, along with providing any custom reports you request will allow you to evaluate your practice. Your monthly reports along with viewing the PhyCon PM dashboard will give you an excellent assessment of your practice’s strengths and where improvement can be made.

illustration of many steps in medical practice management

Optimized Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Effective medical practice management seamlessly combines the clinical and administrative sides of a practice. Hospital revenue cycle managementis a critical financial component of any practice. Using a reliable billing software solution like PhyCon makes the administrative side of your practice much easier and more efficient. Our well-designed management system follows a step-by-step process that addresses everything related to revenue. 

  • Charge Capture -Render a patient's services into billable charges. 
  • Claim Submission -Submit billable fees to insurance companies for processing.
  • Coding- Input data from diagnoses & procedures into the system for easy documentation.
  • Patient Collections- Determine the amount billable outside of a patient's insurance coverage. 
  • Preregistration- Gather the necessary information prior to a patient's arrival to accelerate admission to the hospital/clinic.
  • Registration- Collect additional information necessary for moving forward with the procedures.
  • Remittance Processing - Process all transactions to determine if payment should be applied or rejected.
  • Third-Party Follow-Up - Collect applicable payments from insurance companies.
  • Utilization Review - Examine the necessity of the medical services.

​The right medical revenue cycle managementsystem streamlines operations. We improve practice organization by making the administrative side easier, allowing doctors to focus on patients rather than administrative tasks. 

illustration of medical practice management across technology platforms

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"I find the PhyCon PM Dashboard to be a tool I now can’t live without. It is a powerful way to monitor the business side of the practice on a daily basis. I am able now to pick up billing trends or issues with certain Payors immediately compared to our old way of monitoring trends a month or two after the fact. Thank you PhyCon for making the job of managing the practice easier!"

Chad Clark, MD
Emergency Physicians Management