ER Billing

Emergency Department Billing

PhyCon specializes in Emergency Department Professional Billing and Coding along with Coding for the Facility. We are a nation-wide company currently processing and collecting for nearly a million patient encounters per year. Our expertise and longevity give us a unique set of capabilities many other billing companies lack. PhyCon far exceeds ACEP published Best Practice Standards for Days in A/R, Active Aged A/R, and Billed Dollars Turned to Collections. 

We understand the difficulties of emergency department billing and how mistakes can impact the practice.By investing in our people and our proprietary technology, specifically our ED billings ystem,PhyCon has consistently been able to collect every dollar for our clients faster than our competition.

phycon ED billing collects dollars

We find with most of our audits that PhyCon can collect upwards of 10%-15% more than other billing companies. PhyCon fights insurance companies on downcoding charts and paying below the allowable. We also contact self-pay patients directly in order to arrange payments. Using our emergency department medical insurance billing solutions, you’ll see the results in the bottom line of your practice. 

Urgent Care Billing

Urgent care centers give patients access to quality health care when they need it. As a health care provider, you have the responsibility to ensure that the processes are streamlined and go smoothly for your patients and the business. A practice’s inability to keep up with administrative tasks, specifically with urgent care billing, is detrimental to growth and success. 

Phycon has accurate urgent care billing for patients

       Common Mistakes in Urgent Care Billing

  1. The revenue cycle for your urgent care center starts at your front desk. Poor front desk practices can result in lost revenue and a disproportionate number of patient accounts in collections. 
  2. Your contracts with payers ensure that your practice generates income. Failure to set up contracts leaves you ineligible to accept insurance, which negatively affects your patient acquisition. Moreover, poorly negotiated contracts often result in underpaid services.   
  3. Credentialing deals with the process where insurance companies verify your practice’s qualifications as a medical service provider. Failure to follow guidelines results in incorrectly processed claims. 
  4. A sophisticated records system does not prevent filing errors. Incorrect coding & documentation can lead to losses in revenue. 
  5. Incomplete documentation results in missed charges. An inefficiently run billing department & process will cost your practice money.  

Why Outsource Your Billing and Coding Process?

Several factors are at play in billing and coding for urgent care facilities. Mistakes & inefficiencies in the billing & coding department can add up to lost revenue & problems.  PhyCon uses years of industry expertise, innovative technology, attention to detail, and excellent customer service to ensure your administrative tasks are taken care of and problems minimized. We manage everything, from front desk documentation to medical insurance billing. With PhyCon you will enjoy less stress and more peace of mind knowing that the administrative side of the practice is taken care of. 

Modern solutions for medical practice billing

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